On this blog I discuss and reason how to make websites successful. I address the psychology behind users' decision-making and their approach to browsing and buying and how this should influence UX.

Herd Mentality: 7 Web design Trends that could be Bad for Business and how to Avoid them

Herd mentality and the web - stampede

Herd Mentality. What is it? How does it impact on our everyday lives? Why we need to be vigilant of it when designing successful websites…

The Negativity Bias and the Online Experience: An Essential Guide

The Negativity Bias

I take an in depth look at the Negativity Bias and how to turn it into a positive for your website and also how you can start to actively generate positive feedback.

Why Businesses Commission Websites in Completely the Wrong Way


I always find it strange when asked to tender for a web design project with accompanying design concepts. Although many

Why it’s So Important to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

mobile responsive

On the 21st April this year Google updated its algorithms to favour sites that are mobile-friendly. In their words…

Why you shouldn’t ‘design’ a website


Why you should never design for personal preferences and only through serious research data analysis. Back up all your design decisions to improve the approval process

ConversionXL Live 2015 – Sum up


It’s been a couple of weeks since I returned from the Conversion XL Live conference in Austin, Texas, and as suspected it’s taken that long…

Improving Mobile to Desktop Checkout Experiences


People are now buying and booking more through their mobile phones than they ever have before, but there are still many out…

How Photography can increase Hotel Bookings

Hotel photography conversions

Whether you run a website such as booking.com or you market your hotel’s own website for attracting bookings, photography is of…

Use Infographics to improve Usability


On Thursday I went along to an interesting talk given by Robin Richards for UX Oxford on Infographics. He spoke

How Photography can Maximise Website Conversions


“Readers look first at the illustration, then at the headline, then at the copy.” If you recognised that quote (top points if you did) you might…

Users are Defining the Web


By looking back at the history of the internet we can start to understand how the web can evolve in the future and adapt our approaches now to accommodate this…